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Daniel Mühlbachler
Leonfeldnerstr. 68
A-4040 Linz
+43 660 5084513

Social Networking

Facebook: Daniel Mühlbachler
Official Facebook-Site: Nagios Status Information (NSI)
Twitter: Daniel Mühlbachler (muhlba91)
LinkedIn: Daniel Mühlbachler
Skype: muhlba91

Facebook Like

I am using the Facebook Like button on this website to make it easier for you to remember and give your opinion on Nagios Status Information (NSI) easily.
The usage of this feature requires that your browser opens a connection to the servers of Facebook to show the button. Additionally, Facebook gets your IP address and other browser settings of you, but Facebook can't match these things to your name as long as you are not logged in into your account. Then Facebook links the information with your account.
If you want to know what Facbook does with your data, please take a look at their Privacy statement.
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