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Support system changed 03/12/2012
Due to many spam and some minor problems with the previous support system, I decided to shut it down.
Please contact me directly using the provided email address!

New release v1.0.1 08/29/2011
Due to some minor bugfixes I released a new small update to v1.0.1.

It has been released as an update an full version.

You can download it in the download sectio
New release v1.0 08/26/2011
Due to somebody's requirement I made some changes and NSI now supports Nagios XI+.

Changes made in this version:
* new adjustment of the views for a huge amount of hosts
* fixed t
What's going on? 07/16/2011
Hello there!

Maybe some of you are wondering what's going on with me and NSI...
In short, as I am a Computer Science student I had not much spare time during the last semester. Now, the
New version v0.2 released! 01/11/2011
Due to the improvements at the saving of the system configuration the version v0.2 released today.

It is available under the files section.

It is available as a
Testers! 12/08/2010
For evaluation purposes and improvements some testers are needed!
I need some reviews/impressions about installation process, features, design, bugs, ...

Please contact me via  
Statistics 08/05/2010
2010-08-03: 250 downloads of v0.1, but the first update to v0.1.1 were only 26 downloads!
2010-08-05: 304 visits from all over the world.